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Scenario #1
Do you know what political and economic factors are affecting your target industry?
Tom Grady, a business development manager for an Atlanta PR agency specializing in Health Services, was calling on a new prospect in the biomedical industry when the company’s procurement officer
asked … Read more

Scenario #2
Do you know how to measure the effectiveness of your marketing programs?
Barbara Smith, director of marketing for a high-tech firm, overspent her marketing budget for lead generation and visibility programs… Read more

Scenario #3
Do you know what your prospects’ industries are up to?
Susan Jones, sales manager for a venture capital firm, decided to target commercial property management firms as prospects, but had little information about each firm other than their names, executive officers and square footage rankings. When she started calling on the president of one local firm… Read more

Top Ten Reasons Sales & Marketing Professionals Need Research

  1. Shorten your sales cycle with targeted business intelligence
  2. Hone your sales pitch to address current pain points in your territory
  3. Outsmart the competition by understanding market trends
  4. Help target companies stay on top of new laws and regulations
  5. Get to know customers better with in-depth company profiles
  6. Decrease client churn by tailoring your offerings to pressing business needs
  7. Be better prepared for sales calls with up-to-date business happenings
  8. Better qualify prospects with information about their issues and challenges
  9. Sell smarter by knowing what your prospects’ competitors are up to
  10. Decrease time wasted by letting research professionals find the information you need
Why you need

With, you have your own personal sales and marketing research assistant who can quickly gather, synthesize and analyze the executive, company, industry, product, business and competitive intelligence you need to:
  • Make cold calls warm
  • Gain instant credibility with prospective clients and customers
  • Improve your marketing strategies and tactics
  • Spend less time chasing the same old dried-up prospects everyone else is chasing
  • Uncover potential customers and opportunities still unseen by your competition.

Submit your Research Request today and you’ll be miles ahead of your competition.

Contact Chad Damerell today at 404-874-0544, ext.113 or to learn more about pricing and service options.