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Please call us or fill out the form below in order to request research from the skilled research professionals at  Please note that you may request Two-Hour Exploratory Research (@ $80/hour) to determine the viability of your request and whether there is enough information available to develop a research report.

For more information about our research solutions or for an hourly price quote, contact Chad Damerell:
    · 888-346-8125, ext. 113 (Toll Free)
    · 404-874-0544, ext. 113
    · by email at

For a description of pricing options, go to the Pricing Options page.

To view sample research reports, go to the Home page.

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Notice:  The R3 Report is compiled from the Internet and other sources solely for internal use by the client specified above for the specific and limited informational and research purpose described above. The client may not reproduce, distribute or use this R3 Report (in whole or in part) for any other internal or external purpose, and may not provide this R3 Report to any third party without the prior written permission of Cadence Group. Cadence Group does not make any representation regarding the accuracy or completeness of the information selected.